Red wrap and beret

Handwoven clothing and accessories for today’s lifestyle.

Pat Beard Handwovens

Text Box: Large wrap

Round wrap approx. 46” diameter. Shown with right side draped up over and to the back on the left. Hem is stitched with very short fringe.

· Medium weight

· Wear it for extra warmth with a jacket.

· Great for travel.

· Handwash and air dry.

Price: $118

This is a circle with the opening cut on the bias.  Wear it with the “tails” to the front under your suit collar.  Drape it as shown.  I’ve had customers even wear this around the waist over a long skirt.

Big enough to keep you warm, but not get in your way.

Colours—Sometimes wild sometimes mild but almost always with undertones of other colours.

Fibre—Cotton/silk blend or Cotton/acrylic blend. 



Red wrap and beret

Cotton/acrylic/wool wrap in red with coloured nubs, and shiny red “Lurex”.

Smaller round wrap approx. 32” diameter.$78