Pat Beard at loom

Handwoven clothing and accessories for todayís lifestyle.

Pat Beard Handwovens

Artist Statement

By combining interesting colours with textures, I weave my fabric on old-fashioned loomsóseveral my husband built for† me. Although I will weave a number of pieces from the same warp threads, each piece is different. After the weaving, I wash each panel before sewing on my old industrial machines. Traditional scarves† are carefully hand finished. I do all my own weaving and sewing.

Iíve designed clothing that goes from the schoolroom to the boardroom, from everyday shopping to a night at the opera (Marx brothers reference). Timeless shapes in washable cotton are my forte.† Iím also creating huggable pieces by adding quality acrylic yarns into the mix. I have an incredible amount of fun working with colours, sometimes subtle sometimes outrageous, but always wearable.†

Iím proud to have received Master Artisan status by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen which is the mark of achievement that distinguishes work as quality. ďA unique voice is an innate part of all master artisanís expression .Ē Iíve won a few awards along the way, but more importantly Iíve made functional art that people want to wear!

Iím a genuine fibreholic!† Along with weaving, I love to knit. Iíve also taught crochet, wet felting, and needlepoint.† I love to spin alpaca into yarn.

I also conduct and† play clarinet, alto sax in several community bands and small groups.

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