Pat Beard at loom

Handwoven clothing and accessories for todayís lifestyle.

Pat Beard Handwovens


Pat Beard Handwovens

PO Box 74

Greencastle, PA 17225


Home phone: 717-597-9685

(Please donít call after 9PM eastern time.)



As youíve probably guessed, itís difficult to put a picture of a specific garment here on the web, and have it available anytime someone wants.† If you can give me time, I can pretty much make your special piece.† Those who know me from the art festivals, are usually willing to wait for their order. (For which Iím really grateful!)


Iím not a factory, it really is me weaving, sewing, and sending your order.† I can always text, email or send samples.† Give me a colour range: light/dark, more blue or more black, what you want it to go with, what colours you donít want mixed in. Email me with your thoughts, and Iíll tell you mine.

Payment can be by check or VISA/MC.† We can talk about that once you decide what you want.† Iíll need $8 shipping for continental US via US Postal Service Priority mailbag when I send your order.† If you donít like what you get, let me know.† Doesnít happen often, but I would certainly refund your money upon return of the unwanted item.